Transitional Food and Shelter (TFS) provides temporary emergency shelter for medically fragile homeless persons in San Luis Obispo County who are not able to stay in local overnight shelters due to a verified medical condition which requires 24 hour shelter.  Our shelter program is one component of such a person’s path to recuperation from illness or injury while they pursue all available options for permanent housing.  TFS also provides shelter to persons who have entered a hospice care program where the objective of the program is to support a quality end of life plan.  Persons may be admitted to the TFS shelter program only when they are actively working with a local social agency or hospital caseworker who provides a referral for their client to the TFS housing coordinator and when shelter is available.  TFS available shelter consists of local motel rooms for short term client stays of 28 days or less and leased apartments for mid and long term stays of 1-12 months.  TFS does not provide any medical care, care givers, food or transportation to persons in TFS shelter as part of the temporary emergency shelter program.  Therefore, persons admitted to this shelter program must work with a local agency caseworker throughout the entirety of their stay in the TFS shelter program.  TFS serves its mid and long term clients with access to a recovery coach who will assist clients in improving their housing situation upon exit from the TFS transitional housing.

Our Mission
is to provide temporary around-the-clock shelter, food and supportive services to homeless people in San Luis Obispo County who have serious medical conditions